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Our Work Culture
Indus Intex considers its employees among its most important stakeholders in taking it to new pinnacles of success. We encourage continuous learning, thereby allowing employees to acquire new skills that they need to excel.

We strive to attract, enhance and retain the best talent and to build a culture that drives the symbiotic growth of the company and individuals through talented & committed employees. We have ample space to provide exciting opportunities for employees at all levels to realise their ambitions in a supportive environment.

Finally, we play an essential role in shaping development processes that help people advance their careers as far and as fast as their ability can make them traverse. We have an internal mobility process which allows employees to move freely between functions and disciplines, and develop their skills as well rounded professionals. Opportunities for career choices are multiple and there are possibilities of moving across to other Indus Group companies for talented professionals.

Indus Intex's growth plan includes expanding its footprint in the global arena as well as growing into domestic dominance: this provides opportunities for a large number of roles and careers.
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