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Indus Intex Pvt Ltd is one of the premier garment manufactures in India – designing and manufacturing clothing for major international fashion houses across the globe. Indus Intex was incorporated in 2008 with the objective of manufacturing readymade garments. The company has its heritage in the business group founded in 1943, with interests in textile and garment manufacture.

Indus Intex has the capability of producing a variety of apparel including men’s, women’s & kids casual and formal attire. Renowned for its ability to create products that combine style and luxury with supreme sartorial content, Indus Intex has evolved over the years into one of India’s top design-to-finished garment companies in India. While keeping pace with changes in fashion and technology, the organization has always remained faithful to its core value of high product quality standards.

The trademark of Indus Intex is an unmistakable sense of style that combines quality with innovation. It is the ultimate destination for designing and producing apparel, which is in sync with client needs.

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