Finishing and Quality

Indus Intex Pvt Ltd is one of the premier garment manufactures in India – designing and manufacturing clothing for major international fashion houses across the globe.

The Finishing department at Indus Intex is equipped with top of the line machines to handle buttoning, checking, trimming, ironing and packing, hence guaranteeing the finest quality finished product.

These include compressors, fabric brushing and collar fusing machines, amongst others. Indus Intex places the utmost priority on work place safety, and has ensured that the highest safety precautions are taken in use of all its equipment.

Consistent quality has been achieved through concentrated team work of competent personnel by adopting best practices and professional judgment to meet global standards of acceptable quality levels.

Our goals in terms of quality is to ensure that the products are produced right the first time, consistently.

Technical problems, otherwise, are identified early on by our internal Quality Assistant (QA), and feedback is given immediately to the Production/Technical manager. Action is then taken by the Production/Technical Manager to analyze the problem thoroughly, and implement a CAP immediately with preventive action.