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Indus Intex has invested in the most efficient machines for on-time delivery and high workforce productivity. Some of these machines include:

> Saddle Stitching Machine (Jack)
> Electronic Zig-Zag Machine (Juki)
> Flat Lock Machines (Juki)
> 3 Needle Flatbed Chainstitch Machines (Jack)
> Pattern Tacking Machine (Sunstar)
> Pintuck and Smocking Machine (Jack)
> Folding Table (For Shirt Folding) (Nissan)
> Collar Turning (Ngai Shing)
> Collar Blocking (Ngai Shing)
> Cuff Blocking (Ngai Shing)
> Placket Cutting Machine (Ngai Shing)
> Pin Table (Cutting Section) (Eastman)
> Pattern section software in CAD with Gerber plotter
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