CSR - Social Initiatives

Indus Intex Pvt Ltd is one of the premier garment manufactures in India – designing and manufacturing clothing for major international fashion houses across the globe.

Friend of Tribal’s Society

The Indus group of companies is active supporters of friends of Tribal Society, an NGO providing education to special children, as well as gram Vikas Yojana (a hill & tribal movement) in several remote villages, the organization primarily involves itself in social activities such as health, education, hygiene, sanitation and rural development, and believes that literacy is the key to progress.

These tribal villages are in remote corners, where basic amenities such as transport and electricity are not available.


Indus Group is also an active member and supporter of Kamadugha, a movement focused on the retrieval and Conservation of rate Indian cattle breeds from extinction, their work involves the establishment of cattle Centered Industries, promotion of cattle centered organic agriculture, health care services and the restoration Of love Dignity and respect of cows.

School projects awareness

Indus Intex is involved with school projects awareness, conducted in association with Department of Science And Technology, Govt. of India, transport department, Govt. of Delhi and Delhi State AIDS control society, Project activities include quizzes, competitions and training of trainers, sensitization of principals, research Surveys student check –ups, exhibitions and print awareness modules.